Main House: Details

The sellers are the original builders of the main house and guest house / shop, and therefore extensive documentation of the buildings will be provided, including original plans and photos taken throughout the projects.  The guest house / shop was built first, and the owners lived on-site in the guest apartment while the main house was being constructed, supervising and managing the project.  An experienced crew of four, led by a master builder and contractor, was employed to build the house.

The architectural designer of the main house was the late Brant Nightengale, who is known locally as the “designer of angles” because of his ability to create homes and commercial buildings that are elevated above the standard box or rectangular shape.  Many architectural patterns that humans find comforting and relaxing were incorporated into the design, drawing inspiration from the homes designed by leading architects in the early 1900s such as Charles and Henry Greene and Frank Lloyd Wright, but not copying them.  Inspiration and ideas were also gleaned from the work of a leading contemporary architect, Sarah Susanka, whose many books explore the use of architectural patterns in present-day homes.  A description of the architectural style is probably best summed up as “Eclectic, with Craftsman, Mountain Lodge, and Asian influences”.

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