Main House



AP: 066-360-094 – 11.65 acres:    8396 square feet under roof,  on three levels,  with panoramic views of Butte Creek canyon, the central valley, and coastal range.  Custom Craftsman Lodge ambiance, with cascading roof design, stone pillars and heavy wood post and beam construction in entry porch.  Designed for entertaining in casual comfort while maintaining the intimate feel of a family home.

The home is built on a sloping lot, and from the front it appears to be a two story home.  But when viewed from the back, it is clearly a three story home with large windows in every major room on the first floor, and exit doors at ground level.


Photo: View of home from the back.  (The master bedroom sleeping porch perches on top.)

The main floor, which is the entry (ground) level from the front and level two of the three levels, is 3931 total square feet.   Main Floor Photos >>

The third floor, which contains bedroom suites, is 1702 total square feet.          3rd Floor Photos>>

The Lower level living space, which is the entry (ground) level from the back, is 2763 total square feet.    1st Floor Photos>>

More Details >>